Thinking of leaving hospice - page 3

I love my job, I really do. But I am burned out. It's the on call hours. CM caseload of 12-15, call Fri @5- Mon @8 every 3rd weekend and 2 nights a week. My health has suffered and I am tired. This... Read More

  1. by   Grasshopper11
    The hospice I work for is Monday to Friday only for Case Managers with 4 weeks vacation. We have evening and weekend dedicated staffing.
  2. by   Danni10
    I left hospice after 8 years as a case manager. I was burned out also. I had a caseload of 12-15 patients, had to do about 3 days of on call per month, if the on call was on a wkend then it was 24hrs. I drove 175 miles one Saturday oncall and worked a 12 hour shift after I had worked mon- fri, management was lazy and would run the field nurses ragged, you would have your day planned, be asked to see other people's patients when you finally got caught up or do an admission, getting up at 1am to do an oncall visit, then being expected to come in the next day and see your regular patients. After 8 years, I had had enough. The best thing about hospice for me was flexible hours. I have never regretted leaving. Wish I Had done it sooner!