Recommended Reading for Hospice Nurses

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    I am completely new to hospice nursing. Would some of you extend yourselves to forming a recommended reading list? I would be very appreciative .


    Oh, and can we make it a sticky?
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    book - Palliative Care Perspectives - James L. Hallenbeck, MD

    Also - great Hospice/Palliative website
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    Thread stuck. Great idea!
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    One of the best books I read when I first started hospice was called "Final Gifts" by Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley. Both ladies are hospice nurses. The book is about understanding the special needs, awareness and communications of the dying. A MUST read for all hospice workers!
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    Another great book is called " Midwives for Souls ".
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    I'm With You Now
    I'm Here to Help

    by M. Catherine Ray

    and I keep my med-surg textbook in the trunk of the car for quick reference
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    "Healing Conversations" by Nance Guilmartin
    I had the honor of meeting this author at a seminar, and found her extremely helpful. check out her website at
    You won't be disappointed!
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    I highly recommend that anyone going into hospice work, whether they be a nurse, social worker, physician or whatever, read some of John Bradshaw’s books on family systems. Better yet, his original 10 hour show on that subject (on PBS and available on VHS… and I presume DVD by now) should be required in all hospice orientation.

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    I agree that "final gifts" is a book everyone should read, also "hospice choice"
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    There are several books I love but they're at work now, and I don't remember the titles. One book we look on as a 'bible' is "Symptom Control in Hospice and Palliative Care" by Peter Kaye. I'd recommend it highly.
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