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I am completely new to hospice nursing. Would some of you extend yourselves to forming a recommended reading list? I would be very appreciative:wavey: . -Deanna Oh, and can we make it a... Read More

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    Pardon the sluggish response.
    No, I have not read it… I cannot read. I am probably one of the few illiterate writers you will ever know.

    Actually I can read, but only with special equipment, so it’s always a hassle. I get books from the library for the blind but there are lots of books which have never been recorded.
    However, my wife reads a lot, and some of her favorite authors are Buddhists. She tells me about their perspectives and reads selected passages to me occasionally. I agree with you… Eastern philosophy is, in many ways, very highly evolved and sophisticated.

    My brother is into Native American shamanism. He suggests books to me as well, but as is so often the case, they aren’t available in audio format… so I get him to tell me all about them. Our phone conversations sometimes run 2-3 hours.

    Let me tell ya, there’s some pretty fascinating stuff out there to read and think about… if you’re into that sort of thing and have the time to do it.

    Contrasting & comparing a broad range of spiritual perspectives is, I believe, more productive than glomming onto a single perspective and declaring that to be the one be-all and end-all perspective. Looking at a thing from a variety of angles reveals more about it than just looking at it from a single angle… which is why an ECG has 12 leads, not just one. Actually, the guy who invented the 12 lead ECG forgot to include a posterior view… it really ought to be amended to at least 13 leads.

    And now of course, to round out one’s spiritual studies, some quantum physics really ought to be folded into the recipe.

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    Hi Conurses:
    I would soon like to sit for the Cert exam for Hospice. Any suggested readings that I should use. Is there a core study guide?

    Thanks from South Jersey,

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    Yes, there is a core curriculum and a study guide. Your most economical alternative is to purchase a membership in HPNA and then the cost of the test is discounted and so are the study materials. If you go to the website you will find links to all the information you need.
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    Thank you so, so much....What on earth would we do without a web site such as in the library like I use to do. LOL

    Many thanks again,
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    about using certain terms to describe death, (ie:End of Life)

    there is nothing wrong with using exact terms. Having untimely lost my husband years ago, I can tell you that people experiencing loss appreciate straight talk. Some of my friends struggled ridiculously with the words "we are so sorry to hear of jims passing" or that he "passed on" or "since jim is gone, or isn't here anymore". So, it was rather refreshing when one of my childrens classmates said "miss smith, I'm sorry that katie's dad died". All those other replacement words don't capture the magnitude of the situation.
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    Marachne, there is room for hospice patients to receive palliative radiation treatments, or NG tubs, etc. If there is a treatment that helps to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life there is a hospice agency that will minimally consider and quite possibly approve the use of that treatment. In the Ann Arbor area the hospices are pretty proactive in the pursuit of comfort.
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    A great resource is: 20 Common Problems in End of Life Care by Kinzbrunner, Weinreb, and Policzer. Also, the Core Curriculum for the Generalist Hospice and Palliative Nurse by the HPNA (Hospice and Palliative Nurse Association).

    Good luck!

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    Reg Read, What term do you suggest?
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    I am so glad to see this forum and thread on here! I am an LPN and recently attended the ELNEC conference on end of life in Boston. Hospice is my passion. I am currently in school to complete my RN, but even then Hospice will remain my passion! thanks for the great resources!
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    Thank you everyone. I have made a list of the many resources here and am excited to get started reading. I went into nursing with Hospice as a main interest and now after 2.5 years of acute care experience I have just been offered a job with an amazing Hospice agency. I am grateful for all the input.
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    New to hopsice,not nursing but grateful for this list! I have reserved my first book Final Gifts from the library.Cant wait to read it
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    Unable to borrow Final Gifts (it is in presently unavailable at the library), I'm currently reading co-author's Maggie Callanan's Final Journey, and must say it is as quick a read as any. Though aimed primarily at family-caretakers, the entire book is chock full of anecdotal accounts from Maggie's time as a hospice nurse and so one gets a nice overview of the different circumstances that one may deal with on the job. (Regrettably, I can't speak as to how this book compares with her highly recommended first one.)
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    Quote from mcnursiegirl
    I am so glad to see this forum and thread on here! I am an LPN and recently attended the ELNEC conference on end of life in Boston. Hospice is my passion. I am currently in school to complete my RN, but even then Hospice will remain my passion! thanks for the great resources!
    How was the conference? You are referring to the train the trainer classes, right? I'm going in Oct to the one in Orlando and cannot wait!! Was it worth the travel & class costs? I'm paying out of pocket, unfortunately. Please tell me a little about your experience. ..