Question re: FT on call and small case load

  1. Anyone a FT on call nurse that also case manages a small (6-8) patient case load? This particular position is salaried. Call M-f 5p-8A and every other weekend. If so, I would like to hear your view on this position - feel free to PM me if you want.
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  3. by   jeannepaul
    I think they are wanting you to work 2 jobs and paying you for one. A normal on call position, at least where I come from, is either Monday thru Thursday 5p-8a. OR Fri-5p-Mon 8a. not both. When do they want you to see this case load, in the middle of the night, or are they wanting you to work before 5p also.

    No way would I accept this. I don't mind working extra, but they better expect to pay for it. I am weekend on call fri-mon. after 8a on Monday, if I see a pt, they pay me per visit.

    If they want you to carry a case load, that would mean alot more paperwork, going to IDt meetings, recerts. Are they going to pay you for your extra time? It sounds like a great deal for them, but a very bad one for you.

    It would also put me on guard about this company. It sounds like they do not care about the employees, just how much work they can get out of them.
  4. by   tewdles
    In my mind, on call and case management are two different roles in hospice...roles that are often in conflict.
    More discussion about how that would be manageable would be helpful to you in making the decision. How does your employer expect that those responsibilities would be met?
  5. by   Marshall1
    Thank you for the replies..I thought the same thing as you all have seems like a lot of work/time and though salaried I still think its asking too much. I am going to call the administrator tomorrow and decline.