Passed CHPLN Certification Exam!!!

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    Posted a question a few weeks ago saying I was re-certifying after 4 years for my CHPLN - and asked if there were any glaringly big changes - since the study materials were still copyrighted the same year as when I took it the first time. Had no responses, so began thinking that Hospice nurses were not taking this Certification exam for either CHPLN, or CHPN -

    I passed but it seemed harder this time. 4 years ago, it was a pencil/paper exam - and this time, a computer test. I studied, knew backward/forward all in the study guides, core curriculam book, and...had been a hospice nurse for 4 years more - and there were questions coming out of left field. Hard, nasty little exam and I'm not sure I'll do it again in 4 years.

    If there are ANY of you out there - Certified - have you seen this adds to anything related to your competency as a Hospice nurse? More $$? More...credibility? Not sure I'm seeing the value versus cost/stress etc.

    Anyway - just wanted to tell someone/anyone that I passed!

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    Congratulations on passing the exam. I have not taken it yet because of the cost, at present we do get some compensation once a year in the NERD program but next year it will help on the ladder program. I heard from others how hard it is and I am close to retirement. I'm not sure I want the stress and cost for 1-2 years more of work.
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    Congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Congrats!!! and hats off! and thanks for your info!
    our education fund was nixed, so i am thinking twice before taking a test for credentials and the satisfaction that i can do it;
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    Sorry to say that I have not taken this exam. Mostly because it is not required, my employer doesn't pay for it, and I am not "fed" by letters after my name. It does help to have the certification if you are changing jobs, and I do understand that some LTCs want the hospice nurses assigned to their facilities to have this certification (easy for them to say since they share in none of the cost or trouble of that "requirement"). If push came to shove I would certainly pursue the certification. As it stands now I probably will not...too old or too lazy or too poor, take your pick.
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    I purchased the study book, and a set of flash cards. Have been working on them, however, talked to another LPN in our hospice, she had taken it and failed. She said, throw away all the LPN study guides...and use the RN, because those were the questions that were on the test...scares me now!
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    by the hospice will pay for the test, after you pass it, and you get a small pay increase...not even sure what it is...but I've heard it is very small
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    I just took the re-cert also. First one I studied and studied and wasn't sure if I passed. I did pass nicely. It was a paper and pencil. This one was on computer. I passed this one also, but I also felt it was harder. And there were questions that I have no idea what they were talking about. Diseases and complications, generic medications, ( and we use many meds) Several of the questions I could only stare at! I was thinking it might have been an RN exam also. Several of the questions pose a question for you to guess what the doctor would order or what would be the next step. And as you know- different doctors, different orders!
    I did pass again. The initial test did get me a $1.00 raise and some status. The company pays for the exam because they like to be able to say their nurses are certified. Having been a nurse for 35 years and hospice for over 5 years, I am hoping to retire just as this cert expires.
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    I too took the exam and was almost blown of my seat, I studied the guide and flashcards, been nursing many years and the questions came out of left field. I too passed but was aghast.
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    Hi Everyone -

    Just checked back on this thread and congrats to all who passed.

    Oh yes, I was blown out of my seat as well. I remember the questions - or some of them - being so far out of left field, they orbited around and were coming in from the right.

    I don't know who thinks up some of these questions.
    Studying seemed to do me no good as the damn test did not know what questions to ask anyway!

    I kept wanting to scream "wait" what about ______???? or ______????

    Frustrating -

    Strangely - I made THE EXACT SAME GRADE as did 4 or 5 years ago - 86% -
    But the nice thing is, my grade was instant and I had a nice little pic of a very tired me on the printout!

    Anyway - glad you guys did OK - and....sigh....we've got another 4 years before all this fun happens again -

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