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Hello, I am a new nurse and I recently graduated with my RN and taking RN boards soon but working as a LPN at a long-term care facility. I got to take care of a patient that is dying and is hospice.... Read More

  1. by   Gemini62
    I am not a nurse but a caregiver for a for a loved one. This is probably not the place to post her struggle, I apologize, I need more info, but to give a short synopses; she has been on 10mg hydrocodone, 4 x daily for years, started 25mg/ml fentanyl patch a year ago currently up to 75mg/ml with hydrocodone now used for breakthrough. She is losing her struggle with small cell lung cancer, so hospice is now working with me to keep her comfortable and are wonderful. She has not eaten in two weeks, anything she tries to eat comes right back up, drinks water, which comes up most times, and is still complaining of stomach pain and nausea. I am applying ABHR and promethazine topical gel every 4 hrs, on a 2hr alternating schedule; giving a 25mg prochloperazine suppository every 6hr, hospice nurse discussed getting 50mg for every 12hr with .5ml haloperidol liquid when awake. My question is will the morphine not increase the nausea she is already experiencing?
  2. by   Call me Al
    Gemini, you sound like a wonderful caregiver. The best thing for you to do is call your hospice and discuss the unmanaged symptoms with them. I'm sorry your loved one is going through this.
  3. by   Gemini62
    Thank you Call. As I told a friend that asked what I got paid to do this: This is a prepaid job, she helped me so much with my life, it is the least I can do for her. I plan on calling as soon as Mother-in-Law=mil, is headed home. Been a step an fetch it all day as mil has had 3 strokes. At one point today if looks could have killed, daughter would be burying mom instead of the other way around. I need a few minutes "me" time before I call and she is asleep at the moment.

    I found this thread today when I did a search on morphine and who better to ask than the people that deal with this every day. Dr's I've dealt with during her illness have talked down to me about her condition and I don't deal very well with people that feel they are better than I am but that is another rant best left some place else. I am an ex-Seabee and the "Can Do" attitude has given me the strength to carry out my task, I salute the rest of you that do this job day in an day out for total strangers.