Looking for Resources to study for CHPN Certification.

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    I am an RN and I want to get my CHPN - Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse - Certification. However, I am not employed at the moment because I have 3 very young children at home, so I am studying for it on my own without an employer to request information from. Does anyone know of good Hospice textbooks or websites for studying for the CHPN examination? Thank you!
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    HPNA the Hospice Palliative Nurses Association has a study guide for the CHPN as well as the core curriculum.The study guide contains test questions and explanations and the core curriculum outlines and explains basic hospice concepts. These two are all u really need to pass. They can be purchased from the HPNA website! Good luck! I became CHPN certified in 2009 and these are the two guides that I used. I believe HPNA also has online courses now as well.
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    Hi, I am an RN in NYC or NJ who is looking for someone to study Hospice and Palliative Certification. If you have any materials or interest in studying, please contact prof.smith88@gmail.com

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    There are courses in Palliative care entirely online that prepare you for the CHPN.
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    I agree with Compassion75 that you will do fine with the study guide and core curriculum. I also bought the unlimited CNE at gannet which had some "certification prep" courses, but did not find them helpful.

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