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  1. 0 i am a former hospice volunteer, and for my senior thesis, i am asking hospice nurses to take a quick online survey. it should take 5- 10 minutes, and is completely confidential and anonymous. it is okay if you work in admin and do not have direct patient contact. i would be very appreciative if hospice workers helped me by taking the survey. thank you!

    the sm survey is at the following link:

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    You should post this on the mesage board/forum for Hospice. Otherwise, this post is going to get buried fast on the fast-moving General board.
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    Quote from RNsRWe
    You should post this on the mesage board/forum for Hospice. Otherwise, this post is going to get buried fast on the fast-moving General board.
    All academic-type surveys/research are to be posted in this forum.
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    couple of comments on the survey:

    Your first question: "PAS has a role in hospice"

    is very vague. What do you mean by "has a role?"

    -- Hospice agencies should continue to treat people pursuing PAD?

    -- Hospice agencies should help individuals interested in PAD with the process?

    -- Hospice agencies should provide information related to PAD?

    -- Hospice personnel should be present when the Rx is administered?

    There's a pretty broad spectrum of "involvement."

    Your demographic data should include state of residence, or at least some info about any experience with either working in a state that has legal PAD or in a state where there have been attempts to legalize PAD.

    Finally, I hope you have taken the time to read:

    Carlson, B., Simopolous, N., Goy, E. R., Jackson, A., & Ganzini, L. (2005). Oregon hospice chaplains' experiences with patients requesting physician-assisted suicide. Journal of Palliative Medicine, 8(6), 1160-1166.

    Dobscha, S. K., Heintz, R. T., Press, N., & Ganzini, L. (2004). Oregon Physicians' Responses to Requests for Assisted Suicide: A Qualitative Study: Journal of Palliative Medicine Vol 7(3) Jun 2004, 451-461.

    Fenn, D. S., & Ganzini, L. (1999). Attitudes of Oregon psychologists toward physician-assisted suicide and the Oregon Death With Dignity Act: Professional Psychology: Research and Practice Vol 30(3) Jun 1999, 235-244.

    Ganzini, L., Harvath, T. A., Jackson, A., Goy, E. R., Miller, L. L., & Delorit, M. A. (2002). Experiences of Oregon nurses and social workers with hospice patients who requested assistance with suicide. New England Journal of Medicine, 347(8), 582-588.

    Harvath, T. A., Miller, L. L., Smith, K. A., Clark, L. D., Jackson, A., & Ganzini, L. (2006). Dilemmas encountered by hospice workers when patients wish to hasten death. Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing, 8(4), 200-209.

    Miller, L. L., Harvath, T. A., Ganzini, L., Goy, E. R., Delorit, M. A., & Jackson, A. (2004). Attitudes and experiences of Oregon hospice nurses and social workers regarding assisted suicide. Palliative Medicine, 18(8), 685-691.

    Good luck, and if you want any further feedback from a hospice/palliative care nurse and researcher in Oregon, feel free to PM me.

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