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I know we aren't supposed to use petroleum based products for a patient who is on oxygen. In the hospital, our respiratory therapists recommended surgi-lube. At our hospice, we use a lot of vitamin E. Is vitamin E okay to use... Read More

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    They started a crackdown at my work for continuous O2 users and any petroleum based products..chapstick, butt cream ect.

    Our solution was to refer the family member to online sites for petroleum free products, such as "Alba Un-petroleum lip balm" at:|1

    or RoEzIt which is a natural skin cream that was designed with people who use oxygen in . This one we have used. It is on the thin side but seems to hydrate decently. It has vitamin E in it.

    They can be on the pricy side but those few bucks are probably well worth it to the patient!

    I will have to look into Burt's Bees, Thanks!

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    I usually keep a new lipbalm or two in my gear bag. I get them for free at Walgreens/Rite Aid because they often have promotions where it buy 1 lipbalm at $1.50 get $1.50 back in store credit. I get a lot of my supplies this way.

    Looking at the ones in my stash all but one are petroleum free. Most are waxed based. I did not know about avoiding petroleum with patients with oxygen but will file this away in my mental file cabinet. Love learning something new
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