I need the advice of a Hospice nurse

  1. Extended family member went from ER visit to hospice in about 10 days.
    Obstruction > surgery>colon resection > CA. Mets. No BM in .... ??? No chemo. Surgeon couldn't get all the tumors.
    Full liquid diet....obstruction is going to occur again, it's just a matter of time.
    Nobody's pushing po intake, but full liquid is being given. Sips and bites is all the patient is requesting.

    Yesterday she wanted some lunch meat. She's a little confused at this point, and my sister kinda distracted her. Right now she's not having Abd pain, N/V, but the only thing she's requested to eat is lunch meat.
    Lunchmeat. Such a simple request.

    As a med/surg nurse my answer is an emphatic NO!
    Would a hospice nurse give the solid food, and risk speeding up the obstruction process?

    My father was a hospice pt requesting a smoke days before he died.
    This med/surg nurse wouldn't give it to him, and I'm haunted by that choice all these years later.
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  3. by   Esme12
    I am sorry your family member is experiencing this......and the family looks to you for help.

    It is impossible to know what to tell you without having intimate details of your family members case. As per the terms of Service we cannot give medical advice...I would contact the hospice MD or PCP to explore your questions.

    ((HUGS)) I am sorry for the loss of your father.

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