Hospice RN pay exempt or nonexempt

  1. Hi, I recently noticed that some of our company's hospice offices hire for nurses as exempt (our facility does this. We are paid salary, mileage, beeper pay for when we are on call and visit pay for when we have to go out on call or sit vigil after hours. An after hours admit is visit pay for the legals and visit pay for the admit) or nonexempt. I can't figure out why they pay us salary and facilities four hours away in the same state pay by the hour for case managers. What is your experience with this? Do you prefer being hourly or salaried? Which do you think pays more? What are some of the pay ranges for the midwest (Ohio/Indiana) for RNCM? Just curious.
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  3. by   JZ_RN
    I would never take hospice calls on salary, who knows how long you'll be there, what hours, etc. Unless they're offering you a 500k salary hahaha, I love my free time and sleep too much to give it all to my job for no extra pay if I'm working long and off hours.