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    I just started working in hospice. I haven't decided if it will become my specialty or not. I need to get my feet wet and find out. I am a new nurse and am just finishing my first year on med/surg, but really have always considered that to be my stepping stone to either hospice or infusion therapy. My dream would be to do both some how.

    The reason I thought membership might be worth while is because you have a large library of CE available for free and they are all hospice related, I assume. I spend a lot of my free time reading about hospice care because I love learning about it,and if I need CE's it might as well be stuff I enjoy learning.

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    I joined the HPNA and found the CEs to be extremely helpful. They are geared towards hospice care which is different then any other type of nursing CEs that you find on general nurse education sites. You also get two free subscriptions to professional journals that you can read online, and browse back issues for many years worth of articles.

    I also found watching educational films on netflix eye opening. "The end" was one particularly about hospice experience.
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    I saw that one too! I was just on netflix looking for more. Didn't find much
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    you tube also has a lot of hospice related stuff

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