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  1. I have just had my second interview for my company's hospice nurse liaison. I have been trying to research some other information, but, unfortunately, I have not been very successful at finding much information. Are there any other liaisons out there? I would like to know when do you call it a day 5,6,or 7 in the evening. What do you do when you have left a hospital and then get a call that they have a family who is interested in hospice? Do you go back, make an appointment with them for the next day, or have the on call nurse do the info visit? What type of salary range can I expect? I am on the eastern US.
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  3. by   tewdles
    I am not a liaison.
    What is required of you will be determined by your employer as the job can vary significantly.

    In your neck of the woods hospice is pretty competitive, so you employer likely has some plan to accomodate late in the day info visits. Most liaisons that I have worked with spend a reasonable amount of time working evenings and weekends in addition to more "banker" type hours. Again, dependent upon the employer it can be pretty flexible and variable. The goal in competitive markets is to provide better service than the other guy...and your position can be instrumental in that.

    In terms of salary, I would expect a range slightly lower than that of a Case Manager but in a similar bracket. I also might expect it to be a salaried rather than hourly position.