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can some one please explain to me the job duties of a hospice nurse? what is a typical day working as a hospice nurse like?... Read More

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    My day varies depending on what happens! We have to give our schedule for the week to the office. At 8am everyone is on the phone or in the office for morning call, where we hear what happened the previous night on call, about any new assessments or admissions that need done, any funerals, etc. How many visits we have varies per day. If it is a facility patient, I check the chart, look for new orders, nurses notes, wts, new labs, etc. I visit with the patient, get vitals, assessment, etc. I talk to the staff about how the patient is doing. Every other week we fill out a 3 page assessment form, the other weeks, we fill out a seven page assessment form. Every other week, we fill out the IDG form for the mandatory IDG meeting held with nurses, psych/soc, doc's, etc where every patient is discussed. If a person becomes active, we sit vigil with our own patients until at least fivepm, then we set up vigil with the vigil team for after hours. If the patient lives through the night, the case manager is responsible for vigil starting at 8am, plus still being responsible for our other patients. We take turns being on call, usually one night a week, plus back up on call one night a week and one weekend per month. If you are on call, all calls go to go between 5pm and 8am. If you are the on call nurse that day, it means you are also the admission nurse, and are responsible for assessing patients to see if they are appropriate for hospice, and for doing the first admissio. If there is a second admission, the back up nurse gets the second admit primary nurse gets the third, etc. I can be out til midnight putting meds in place etc on an after hours admit. We are also responsible for recertification paperwork, dealing pharmacy, family, etc. We have a mix of home and facility patients.

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    jlynn2303, How many pts do you case manage, on top of having to sit vigil? You don't have a a continuous care LPN or team that can do that?
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    That varies depending on census- from7 to 13 or14 with some having multiple visits per week. So it is usu between 13 and 22 visits per week with a 60 mile travel radius admissions recerts and vigils. There are no lpn's no vigil teams no night on call nurse and no admissions nurse. If I am out for the night on vigil or on call I am expected to see all my patients the next day. We are salary so no overtime. The on call nurse is responsible for setting up vigil. Right now we have a prn chaplain who is a god send, he usually takes 12 to 8 am and then the cm is responsible for vigil 8 to 5 plus seeing all regular patients. Hopefully you can get some help with vigil so you can see your patients but not always.

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