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  1. 1 I made a post over in General Nursing that made a huge uproar. The content was misinterpreted, they went off track with what i said, but it turned into a debate about Palliative vs. Hospice care. I very much prefer home hospice case managing vs. Homecare Palliative cases. No one seem to understand the difference and why I would have a preference for Hospice.

    I am new to the field, 5 months in with a homecare company and I work int he Hospice section which also does the palliative Medicare cases. I was told my job was going to be "a little bit of the palliative cases, but mostly hospice case managing and it's quite the opposite, due to a few reasons.

    Does anyone else prefer to be strictly a hospice case manager, seeing them through end-of life care with the goal of a peaceful death at home? Or is there something wrong with me because I prefer that and don't see them as the same thing?
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    Nothing wrong with you, I prefer hospice as well.
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    Absolutely nothing wrong with perfering one kind of nursing over another! Some nurses dont think hospice nursing is "true" nursing (because you arent saving lives) but I say "its the absolute best kinda nursing for me" I make a difference for my pts, I may not be able to make them "well" but I can make that day(or that hour) better for them!

    Hospice and palliative care are 2 different kinds of nursing but both do have the same end result. Palliative care usually just allows for more expensive/invasive treatments.