Has anyone sat for Lpn certification?

  1. Am sitting for the test next wknd......any advice? Are there calculations on that test? Is the study guide adequate?
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  3. by   mc3
    Yes, I've been certified for 1 1/2 yrs. You definitely need to get the LPN/LVN study guide - go to the HPNA website and order it if your organization doesn't provide it. I think there were a few simple calculations, but I'm not positive. What did surprise me is the number of odd questions they asked - it didn't seem relevant to either an LPN or RN's practice. Lots of psychosocial questions, too. Overall, I don't think the test was very difficult, just "different". Similar to state boards..
    Good luck!
  4. by   debbers
    I have been studying from that study guide. Is that enough? Do I need to also study the RN study guide? Thx
  5. by   mc3
    I'd take a look at it, too. It covers the basic disease processes and interventions you'd take.
    Good luck - let me know how you do!
  6. by   Ashera
    Hi - I've also been a CHLPN for 1.5 years -
    What I remember from this test - is some of the quirky questions - sort of off the wall. There was one I took issue with - it was from the viewpoint of a HOME HOSPICE NURSE and I'd always worked in-pt. It was one of those where I had to stop (and try not to overthink?) the question - it basically had two right answers - but....as usual....one was MORE right than others! Wish I could remember what that question was now - but I only remember it was the one question I had a problem with.
    Hate these types of questions! And remember to view if from the LPN/LVN's scope of practice - in case you are just studying from the RN's study guide.
    Did have quite a few culturally slanted questions - so read on that -

    Otherwise - think positive - don't stress - it is indeed like the boards - but thankfully not as long. You will do fine!! Let us know!
  7. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    I just joined and read your post. I, too, sat for the certification test this past weekend. It was indeed an unusual test! I left feeling kinda stupid, but I'm sure I did fine. Does it really take 5 to 6 weeks for results?
  8. by   debbers
    Yes...I took it this wknd and am confused.....I thought I was really doing ok...and then I looked in the books when I got home and wondered if I blew it altogether. I do think it takes awhile to get the results...ugh. Hate waiting. debi

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