funny story...

  1. I thought since most of us deal with death on such a regular basis, I would share a funny story about my great aunt...

    My great aunt is a twin, and at 92 she has a significant number of health problems, but is doing well right now. My mom took her to the funeral home to get some things straightened out (what she wants to wear, ect). The man at the funeral parlor made a comment about wheather she wanted refreshments or something after the service....

    She said (in all seriousness) "I could make brownies and freeze them!" (she is famous for brownies.

    Now, every so often she makes brownies and drops them off. They see what we bring and automatically know who it is.

    gotta love LOLs
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  3. by   camtrom
    Awesome story!
  4. by   lykeen
    Yes, definitely funny! In all our seriousness with hospice nursing, we definitely needed that!
  5. by   Ginapixi
    Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed it!
  6. by   tewdles
    LOLs actually make our days in hospice considerably brighter!
    Of course, the grouchy old men are fun too...

    They have so many stories to share and so much of life to reflect back to us!
    It is so sad when the dementias rob us of that part of our elderly.