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Do hospice nurses usually get benefits?

  1. 1 I'm a newbie LPN who will be looking for my first job soon and have always been very interested in hospice nursing but I need something with benefits, like sick time, vacation time, health insurance. I know home health agencies don't usually provide benefits. Does anyone know if hospice agencies usually do or not?

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Both home health and hospice in my area provide benefits the same as any other RN job. The only ones that do not tend to be per diem or very part time positions. But for some part time and all full time positions, they usually offer benefits.You may wish to contact the employer in question if this is unclear when you see a job posting. Good luck.
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    Same here. In the area I live in the RN's at Hospice have benefits offered to them. The salary is comparable but not quite as much as an RN at the hospital. I would definitely contact the organization to be sure though.
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    The home health agency I work for has all benefits and pays more than the hospital. I know our hospice dept also offers benefits, but not sure what they pay.
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    I have only worked for HH and Hospice that provides benefits for staff.