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Curious about Hospice Nursing

  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    I'm new to this site and a new graduate. I work on an orthopedic unit but I've had experience in nursing homes and geriatrics. I have always been interested in hospice but am not sure what steps I should/need to take to get there. I know I probably need more experience but I was just curious about how other nurses got into this particular area.

    Where did all of you start before becoming a hospice nurse--what brought you to this type of nursing?

    Thanks for your time! :heartbeat
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    I started working float pool at a medium sized community hospital. I left my position of 4 years to work as a travel nurse for 6 months, and when I returned home there were 3 full time RN jobs in the company I had left. I interviewed for all three, was offered all three, and chose hospice because of the hours. I thought I would stick it out until something better came along. That was almost 3 years ago. I love it!

    I am not sure there is a certain route to get into hospice, but focusing on your assessment skills and med knowledge is helpful. You may also want to consider volunteering for a hospice. The work is often long hours and stressful, but it is rewarding beyond belief.
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    I began working in LTC, then psych, and then back to LTC. I decided to try hospice after talking w/ some of the hospice nurses who visited the residents in the LTC. I was hired PRN initially, but was offered a full time job about 3 months later. That first job was with a large, chain-type hospice. After 6 years I left and went to work for a small company. We have a census of about 20. I see all the LTC & Assisted living pts (about half of our census). I also spend a couple of days/week in the office doing QA. I do most of the info visits and pre-admit (legals) visits. I can't imagine working anywhere else!
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    Thanks! I will definitely look into volunteering-that's a great idea. Once I get a bit more med/surg experience hopefully I can start branching out
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    Good luck with your pursuit, Alliecat! I left hospice after a year and ended up coming back 6 months later. Hospice is definatly a calling, it's not for everyone but if you can do it the reward is tenfold!

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    I started right in hospice. I knew I wanted to try it and I got an oppurtunity right after I got licensed. I love it and won't go anywhere else. This is my place. I have never felt so good about what I do as I do now as a hospice nurse.