Conflict of interests when caring for your own family member??

  1. I had a very loose lipped chat with one of my colleagues.

    She was a bit too "forthcoming" with history of her family, her own issues. I'ts like TMI TMI TMI. I couldn't even manage to fit a word in edgewise. LOL Some people have NO clue when it's TMI.

    None the less, she told me about her mom who died on her hospice under her own care as a case manager.

    I feel this is a complete conflict of interests. I understand having your loved one on service, but never should be cared for those who are also going to be the bereaved.

    Is this acceptable to others? I find it horrifically failing when it comes to just basic conflict of interests.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Often the agency is complicit in the violation of boundaries. That does not absolve the individual.
  4. by   hikerellie
    So, she was paid by the hospice to care for her mother? Wow, complete conflict IMHO! Not to mention, a tad unethical to let hospice pay you to care for your family member. She should have had a different case manager. How did she know what hours to bill for and when she was "being the daughter". If they had to do continuous care, that would have been a sticky situation too@

  5. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    When we admitted my DH for services, he wanted me to be in nurse. I explained the conflict of interest to him. I did, however, choose the nurse and CNA I wanted to provide his care. It was re-enforced upon admit that I was the wife not the nurse.

    One afternoon DH c/o a headache--something he'd only experience when his B/P was elevated. I checked his B/P and he looked at me and said, "I'm telling on you"

    I think what your friend did was dif a conflict of interest.