Computer charting in hospice - page 2

Now before some may see this thread and think "another nurse, not computer savvy, complaining of computers..." think again. I've worked with computers all my life and charted with computers... Read More

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    Suncoast can be what the company makes it! initially ours was dreadful! later on, once we got an IT person who knew the stuff, it kept getting much easier! entries carried over from one page to another, and we actually saved time! if you switch from what ever to some thing new it will always take longer, just because it is different; once you learn the little short cuts and things, it is not so bad! However the suncoast training person, who came to introduce the new and great changes was a waste of time! Out IT person worked so much better in tweaking and changing the fields to fill in per our requests (get rid of things we did not use, put in fields we needed)

    but i am out of the rat race for now and do not miss charting ONE TINY BIT!!!

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