telehealth nursing (not Tele triage)

  1. 0 Does anyone have any experience with this?? It's so do you like it?m what's the payscale like (I know it varies per state) but I'd it similar to homecare pay??

    I'm curvy Working for Bayada per diem right now and will probably move to something full-time in the summer....a different home health care agency is advertising for a telehealth nurse....sounds interesting to me with the extensive cardiac background that I have

    Anyone have any thoughts

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    My employer has 300 patients on Telehealth. We have 4 staff that monitor clients from an office location with field staff making actual home visit>> monitoring is 7 days a week. Staff contact field RN when beyond set parameters for same day visit or call physician for updated orders (depending on situation), tons of phone education and documentation and care coordination. Our agency screens all patients with CHF, Exac COPD, uncontrolled HTN, unstable cardiac conditions,, multiple hospitalizations with many med changes for telehealth as way of decreasing rehospitalization rate... averaging 5-6 percent for those enrolled in Telehealth.
    Patients must meet admit criteria: landline phone, turn off call waiting, clean space in home to setup equipment, patient has cognitive ability to use equipment etc.

    KYW TV 3 featured a Philly area Telehealth program:

    PM me if more info desired.
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    Thank'd you

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