RN-Opening a home health agency for pregnancy care? Need direction.....

  1. Any suggestions for a person who is just at the beginning of possibly establishing a home health care agency (I am looking into opening an agency that serves pregnant patients and does initial post partum/newborn visits)? Any opinions on hiring a home healthcare consultant (such as 21st Century Health Care Consultants) and what the estimated price would be to hire such a consultant? I just want to be able to establish the true "reality" that my agency idea would be successful (I live in a rural are in Arizona where no such services are available). I also need to find out if our state funded insurance would cover home visits, that I wouldn't run into "compete" problems with out local hospital facility (who also happens to be my employer), and how do I approach the local physician's to see what their interest level/support would be with these services???......HELP!
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  3. by   KelRN215
    In my state, Medicaid covers skilled nursing visits with no prior authorization required. Agencies intending to bill Medicaid for their services must have a contract with them, however. Why would you run into "compete" problems with your local hospital if there are no services available in the area you intend to serve? Are most of the patients you intend to serve on Medicaid? If so, you need to become a Medicaid home nursing provider in order to be able to bill them. If you also want to bill private insurance companies, you need to secure contracts with each company.
  4. by   paradiseboundRN
    I think this is more complicated than you think. I would hire a consultant.
  5. by   agardner2020
    How exciting... My only suggestion is to check with all the local agencies, Medicaid, Family Services ect. because I know that those agencies sometime provide the services. Maybe you could be a provider? Good luck and much happiness!
  6. by   salvadordolly
    My boss tells me you should have at least $50K for start-up and hire a consultant for your start-up. She owns the HHA and she said she almost went under at first until she hired a consultant. Would you be competing with a public health dept? they provide post-partum services as well. Good luck!
  7. by   sunnyazgirl
    salvadordolly - I have started to become quite "educated" on the start up costs (LOL). May I ask what HHA is that your boss owns? We don't have any "competition" (yet) at this time.....
  8. by   salvadordolly
    We wouldn't be competition - we're in MIlwaukee, WI.
    Wow! NO competition? You gotta get on this!
  9. by   sunnyazgirl
    LOL - I know. I was curious to the know the name of the HHA you work for to see if you have a website or FB page at all. I am really interested in trying to educate myself on what other agencies offer.... Thanks for your input!
  10. by   Jillbeanrn
    I'm brainstorming the same concept after being unable to find homecare that will perform a FHR and provide a progesterone injection for an antepartum patient...
    How did this turn out for you? I feel like your posts have been my thoughts/concerns word for word!!
    Thank you in advance!