Removed staples a day early! Removed staples a day early! | allnurses

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Removed staples a day early!

  1. 0 So I had a POD 14 patient, R TKR, who had 55 staples. We have several different Ortho MDs that we deal with and most of them have orders to remove staples on POD 14. Well, out of habit I removed them today. Apparently they weren't to be removed until tomorrow at her follow up appointment. Then to make matters worse, I ran out of steri-strips!

    I feel so bad about this but then again, she was POD 14 and its not like it was a week early! I talked to my supervisor who told me not to worry about it and my manager said the same thing. I just hate making stupid mistakes like this! Lesson learned I guess!
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    I don't think the one day will matter. Did the wound look good? closed and approximated? No sign of infection? 55 staples seems like a lot for a knee. The nurses at the office will probably be happy they don't have to taken them out, but yes, in the future it's best to follow the correct orders; mistakes happen. I would just explain to the MD office what happened... should be fine
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    That sounds like a very small issue- if it's even an issue at all. I'm guessing you will be just fine.
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    Next time before you take out staples, check to be sure you have enough Steristrips or lots of paper tape to make your own.
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    Never thought about using paper tape!