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Hi, all, I am a new graduate and my first job is in HH. Thanks to the awesome nurses here, I have learned that OASIS is supposed to be used in documentation. Yes, it's true, I had never heard of it before... I have been... Read More

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    Quote from KarenJordan
    so I have newer nurses just complete an assessment and I do the OASIS to make sure it's done right. As other posters point out, if you're doing private duty or private insurance, an OASIS isn't required. So short answer is, some companies don't have all nurses doing their own OASIS for Medicare until they're trained and have proven compentency in it.
    Ohhh, I know the OASIS is a beast but your nurses need to learn it ASAP if they have Medicare patients. There is no right or wrong answer for many of the questions, its the nurses assessment of the patient. Its so important that when a nurse performs her assessment, she is thinking about the way she should answer the corresponding OASIS question. I have spent a lot of time debating OASIS answers with other nurses and disciplines.

    Many companies have training. Fazzi is one well-known one. Look them up online. They explain the reasoning behind every question. The OASIS is the backbone of certified home care and the nurse doing the assessment is one who should fill it out.

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