1. So I've been doing homecare per diem since far I love it...per diem kind of sucks because my schedule is so sporadic but the actual patient care and independence I agency offered me a full-time case management position.....I'm seriously considering means leaving my other job in the opcathlab where I have worked for 18 years...also a big decrease in benefits and small decrease in salary.....but I love the independence and flexibility to be able to do school things with my's such a tough decision
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I would not leave a job which has been good for me for 18 years unless there was a compelling reason. Aren't you vested in a retirement plan? You probably can't move that to the hh company, and better other benefits as well as better pay? What assurances do you have from the new employer that this is going to work out? Lots to think about. Good luck with your decision, whatever that should be.
  4. by   shefrn1
    Yes...the vested retirement is one of the things holding me back...I don't need medical benefits I get that through my husband..the hha is a big national agency....I enjoy the work and I'm.m intrigued by the flexibility...being able to go to my kids school for a couple hours for a Holiday party or do library time......the days I work at my current job I don't see my children....i leave at 5 am and they are asleep... when I get home it's time for them to go to bed and lately i've been getting out 2-2 hours late so sometimes they are asleep when I get home..I'm.m doing this for my family...there are some big changes that are going to happen at my current job and i'm not sure how it's going to impact my unit
  5. by   Holisticlifern
    I say follow your heart, I know that sounds cheesy lol. I am in a similar situation as I've been at my hospital job for 8 years but started per diem home care in November. I too love homecare for many reasons, flexibility so being the biggest reason. I think you should do what's best for you and your family now as the future is not promised. I'd much rather be there for my kids while they are kids because that time goes way to fast to miss those precious moments. On the other hand, I hear full time home care can be very stressful and demanding and you may not have the same love for the position being full time vs perdiem.

    Personally my plan is to decrease my hours at my full time job and pick up an exta day or two doing home care. That may be a good option for you especially since you can get medical insurance from your husband.

    best wishes to you!