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Hello everyone. Help needed here. I have a patient with a 1.8x0.8x0.5 venous stasis ulcer. Originally places bacitracin with dressing and compression to insure no infection was present since md did not place patient on... Read More

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    Iodoflex is a cadexomer iodine pad, antibacterial, forms a gel over wound, great for debriding wounds, absorbs 6 times it's weight. Its my dressing of choice for venous ulcers. I use it under 3 and 4 layer compression. I have 2 patients now who cannot tolerate compression. I use the iodoflex and cover with a foam adhesive. The iodine is released slowly so you're only changing the dressing 2- 3 times weekly. I usually schedule it every m,w,f. I use iodoflex or iodosorb on all my venous ulcers.If a patient is sensitive to iodine, my second choice for venous ulcers would be aquacel ag, cover with duoderm, then compression wrap. Iodosorb is also wonderful on heel ulcers.

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    If the patient cannot tolerate the wraps, use tubigrips

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