Long-term High Protein Diet > white residue sometimes

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    Hello! I just started a home health job and I'm working with a patient who receives a high protein diet via jtube. While replacing his adult briefs during my shift last week, I noticed a tiny amount of white almost cream-like discharge in the briefs. This was the first time I noticed it and haven't seen it again since then.

    I talked with a relative and all he said was it was normal to have discharge once in awhile with a high protein diet as told to him by someone at the hospital. Setting any possibility of infection aside, could it be that simple?

    First thing I thought of was kidney function, but my patient doesn't have any history(including recent) that relates to this. I read little about how high protein diets can affect the ph of the urine, but wasn't specific on discharge. Any thoughts?
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    I'm not a nurse, but I have changed thousands of briefs and I can tell you I've never seen this. Mind you, none of the patients were on a high protein diet to my knowledge and on top of that I am thinking that BM from tube feed is totally different than normal BM anyways so I'm not really sure on this one. I'd ask the doc for sure.
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    I was thinking the same thing....there are certain bodily functions that are perfectly normal.....and sometimes can't be controlled.
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    I appreciate the responses. I might be over thinking it since the family wasn't at all alarmed when I brought it up. Ill definitely keep an eye out for it.