Left LTC for HH Peds - any advice?

  1. Hi All. I recently left LTC for Pediatric Home Health. No experience at all in this new field, but I felt that I needed a change. So...any advice that would calm my nerves at this point? My first client is a beautiful one year old little girl. I have been reading anything that I can find and trying to educate myself quickly. Any advice or learning experiences that you could share with me would be much appreciated. Thanks. :bowingpur
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  3. by   DutchgirlRN
    i've done pediatric private duty before. i'm assuming since you're talking one child this is private duty nursing and not home health? actually i've done to long term pediatic cases. they were both wonderful. i've done others short term where the mother was home all day looking over my shoulder and i didn't like that at all. um....if you can do everything so much better then why aren't you taking care of your own child? hello!

    [color=#a0522d]i fell in love with the other two long term cases. i still think fondly on those children. i cared for them as my own. it was very rewarding. good luck i hope you end up with a good case.
  4. by   caliotter3
    I've always prepped myself as much as possible before going out for my first visit. Just like I was approaching a patient when I was in nursing school. I find that doing this prep helps to calm my nerves. Usually my agencies provide an orientation visit, or orientation along with an interview visit. This gives one the opportunity to immediately decide whether a case is suitable or not. I also tell my patient's parents/family at my first visit what my expectations are and ask them to provide their expectations. It is good to get on the same sheet of music as soon as possible. Generally, you will find levels of parent/family involvement that run from one extreme to the other. You will need to tell the parents that it is important to keep the lines of communication open. Hope that you find this area of nursing to your liking. It can be challenging at times but usually very rewarding.