Is this the norm?

  1. I just had a "telephone" interview with Gentiva. It lasted over an hour and felt more like a police investigation than a job interview. This chick wanted explicit details of every nursing job I ever had, wanted me to go on and on about my "strengths" and "weaknesses" as a nurse, on and on! It was like a regular job interview, intensified by a million.

    The whole time she kind of made me feel like I wasn't qualified for HH nursing. I have almost 10 years of nursing experience in all, about half in LTC, and the other half in labor and delivery, nursery, and NICU. I have a CLNC cert, and I have ACLS and NRP certs. Is that not what HH agencies are looking for? Should I just try something else?

    Of course she basically told me when I would start orientation, gave me benefit info and salary info, mileage, etc. Wonder if that is just how she was, or is the whole company micro-managed like that?

    Thanks for any input, feeling very confused right now.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Gee willikers. Sounds like you were talking to someone from the Gentiva office that I used to work for. Their office personnel would run off clients and employees alike. I think you should try another office or another agency. Doesn't sound like people you would want to deal with on a daily basis.