I'm looking for another HH job!....Rant.

  1. Some things about my current employer has been urking me lately, but now I've had it. In the same breath however I'm afraid of change and this is a big step for me to leave...

    However, for one, I have no retirement- which many of you may be in the same boat (don't know), then in a few weeks we will no longer be using time sheets and our pay will be determined by computer (I'm hourly) which would be ok except, for the computer to acknowledge your earnings per visit you have to have locked/signed the visit. We are not allowed to lock/sign (except a routine visit- which I hardly do) until managers in the office review chart, then it goes to outside coders, then back to managers, then to me to be signed- this will be effective in a few weeks and I'd bet when the managers get behind, I won't get paid, not on time at least.

    Then, the straw that broke the camels back happened the day before yesterday. My boss calls me while in the field and says my admit for the afternoon was cancelled by the patient and I'm being "written up". I said for what? and she says, because the patient called in and told her I was rude to her on the phone. I told her that I was relaying our company dog policy to her (which is that any dogs have to be put in a room or outside during SNV) and the patient did not want to put the dogs away that were in her home, because she was saying they weren't her dogs and I had to state 3 times to this lady that it was company policy. Somewhere in all that she thought I had been rude, but I don't believe I was... So, the DON said the decision was already made to write me up for it (without even asking my side of the story). She said, "the marketers work really hard to get referrals and since you were the reason we lost the MCR admit...you are being written up for it".

    Well, that doesn't fly with me! I work very hard for this company and my reputation, have trained the last 6 RN's that have been hired in the past 7 mos., because and I quote from the DON "you are the best nurse we have", however this is what I get for it.

    Even if they thought I might have been rude (which I wasn't) what ever happened to verbal warnings, when you have absolutely no marks on your record? So, I applied on-line to a different HH yesterday WITH a retirement plan. I'm a little nervous but I think it's time to get out of there. In a few mos. we are getting a new DON and I'm told this person will not have HH experience- Yeh, that'll be great! As it is our administrator isn't even a nurse- she is ALL dollars and cents, has no idea what we nurses deal with daily.

    Thanks for listening to my rant.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Heavens. It was probably time to get out even before the last straw. Glad you realize it now. Best wishes at your new job.
  4. by   Kyasi
    Ditto that! I have patients report every so often that one of my office staff or one of my Nurse Case Managers was rude. I apologize profusely and then we all laugh about it because I know it isn't true. My office is right there and I can hear most of the communication. Even if I didn't hear it, I'd believe my staff.

    I was doing a supervisory visit once and the patient's girlfriend overheard the patient tell me that he liked my new hairstyle. I said, thanks, and that was the end of that discussion. Girlfriend was extremely jealous and called the office and said she wanted me off the case because I was the rudest nurse she had ever met. I got back to the office and everyone, including my boss, was laughing and asking me what I did to tick her off. I didn't even know the girlfriend was upset. She was standing in the hallway out of sight when he said it and I didn't even talk to her. Now if I'd have gotten a write-up for that, I'd have walked right out of the office door! Having faith in your staff's integrity is a good way to keep good employees.

    To not be given a chance to tell your side is so not fair to you and it says a lot about the company you work for. Go to where you are treated with dignity and where there are more benefits. It's a no brainer!

  5. by   tnbutterfly
    Good luck with your job search. Hopefully you find a more suitable position/company.

    As you are searching, you might want to browse through the posts in the Nursing Career forums.
  6. by   RN1263
    Thanks to you all for the replies. I have applied to another job today as well, figure I'll start with 2 applications and go from there. I want out..now, but I don't want to make an unwise choice in the move I make... Don't want to go from one bad place to another!