How often do you have to call APS?

  1. My word I had to call APS (adult protective services) 2 weeks ago to protect a patient from neglectful caregiver and now I'm going to have to call again tomorrow, because another patients spouse is caregiver and has to do total care for patient but she herself is weak and using a walker. She states "I can't do this much longer". What other choice do I have....I'm afraid they will both fall to the floor and break a hip and someone will ask why I didn't call APS. I just hate having to call for multiple reasons, but I guess it's just the way it is.....

    Anyone else running into this continuously in home health?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Came close on one occasion, discussed situation with my supervising staff. Never would have called without informing my DOCS.
  4. by   annaedRN
    can you or did you go the route of a MSW eval first? sometimes they can get in the home and come up with solutions and resources that we nurses can't. If not able to remedy sitation, then call APS. I've often found that even with physical impairments/issues, if the patient is in their right mind...not alot is done by APS anyway. Kinda sad
  5. by   KateRN1
    You really need to get an MSW in before you call APS as well as notify the physician that a referral is being made. Patients have the right to make their own decisions about where and with whom they will live, even if not what we would choose for them. An MSW can help them with community resources and identifying other sources of assistance that can help them to age in place.