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    My agency will be using Mckesson software and their mobilecare smartphones coming in the next year. We already have laptops and I wondered why they would want us to switch to palms, so I went to McKesson's website and realized that they have GPS tracking devices with their "mobilecare" smartphones. Not only will we be tracked, but the GPS will tell us what route we have to take to patients homes recording the mileage, record our "every" move and idle time, ect.

    Now, I'm an honest person and record on my time sheet "work" times, but I stop to get a drink and use the bathroom when I need too and I don't deduct this time. Also, I sometimes chart while in a parking lot and record charting time. I bet with this "new" technological device they'll make us clock out to pee! And they'll probably question why I'm charting in a parking lot ......The whole thing creeps me out.

    Also, I have an issue regarding the screen size....we don't have them yet, but I watched a video on Mckesson's website and I don't know how they expect RN's to do a full SOC on a tiny little screen?

    Anyone dealing with this? any advice?
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    People in homecare know that nurses chart, eat, etc in their parked cars and stop to go to the bathroom so that's how you explain gaps. But you can't have all these paperwork-in-the-parking lot stops and yet paperwork is always late. You are by allowed by law to take a break. If the labor board ever came to audit, they need to see a break on your logs. I think we homecare nurses will keep pushing so that we can stay ahead of rush hour traffic or finish before dark. Honestly, I don't care if people know where I am because I won't be anywhere I would be embarassed about including picking the hot Christmas toy for my child at Target.
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    I don't know about the GPS part. I can tell you about charting on a PDA. It is small. Plan on having blurry vision by the end of the day! (we use the HCHB system)
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    Although I don't do anything dishonest when doing my timesheets, I am opposed to the idea of being "tracked". As soon as I learned that my employer was moving to such a system, I would actively seek employment elsewhere. When all the local hh employers have moved to that activity, I would have to decide how much I want to remain in the specialty.
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    I'm not dishonest with my time sheets either, but I'm not comfortable with being tracked. I'm just not....

    Carwin said:

    *****You are by allowed by law to take a break. If the labor board ever came to audit, they need to see a break on your logs.********

    Actually, In the state of Ohio, breaks and lunch times are NOT mandatory by Ohio law. Federal law states that IF you are permitted to take a break and it is 20 min or less, then an employer must pay for that time. So, no they would not audit for break time in the state of Ohio.

    Carwin said:

    ******But you can't have all these paperwork-in-the-parking lot stops and yet paperwork is always late.*******

    Ummm, My paperwork is done the same day as the visit, even an admission, so your assumption is not correct.


    ****Plan on having blurry vision by the end of the day!****

    Yeah, ugh, I don't think my eyes will take kindly to typing on a PDA all day, especially admissions. What do they want all their nurses to go blind! Why does your company use PDA ?

    caliotter3, thanks for understanding!
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    We use Mckesson software on our mini laptops which have I believe about a 10 inch screen. Because is it is an intergrated assessment tools for SOC's, ROC's, RC's it looks like their paper forms if you have used them before. It is a very tedious, mechanical program. I wouldn't envision using anything less than a 10 inch screen to do the assessment on and I had our IT guy make my font larger so I could see it with my reading glasses. It also helps to have a touch screen device as well as it speeds up answering OASIS. Yes, there will probably be eyestrain.

    As for smartphones with tracking devices in them, I'm not sure if I would like that. I suppose if your boss wanted to know badly enough about how many miles it took to go from point a to point b they could use Google maps. Now it gives you every concievable route to your destinaiton down to the 10th of the mile. Sounds like a big waste of money to me. I would rather have them get me a GPS with the premise it would assist me with time management, get me to my patient's home safely and on time. That's way better PR for an agency than an agency having a reputation for not trusting their employees.

    As a sidebar to the above, I did ask when we were shopping new laptops earlier this year to use with our McKesson software why we weren't considering an I-Pad, I was told they weren't powerful enough to run our encryption software. Will this PDA/Smartphone setup be secure enough for your ageny's data?
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    Honestly guys there is no time in the office to sit and track nurses all day long. Agency owners who hate to pay up may have time to watch the tracking screen all day. There's not enough time to do what's needed!! If you are hired full time, that is how an agency could verify that you are putting in your time. If you are contingent, why do you need to be tracked?

    As a manager myself who was once in the field, I would only use tracking (if we had it) to help explain why things aren't going the usual path or patterns of consistently late paperwork or patients always calling looking for the nurse. Spouses ALWAYS call the office! I've told some nurses, I think your hubby is checking up on you. The funny thing is that I eventually found those same things out anyway without those devices. It might take longer but you find out.

    There are people who just don't like being "watched" so they should move on. I would have loved to have been tracked when I was in the field. I would always think if I ran into a deep ditch who would find me.
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    This is just a tid bit from Mckesson's Horizon mobile care website, re: smartphone technology:

    "Alerts field staff in real-time of schedule changes
    Reduces staff mileage with accurate turn-by-turn directions to each visit or stop
    Eliminates the need to manually log, track and verify mileage
    Automates staff tracking and late-arrival alerts
    Provides real-time updates of completed visit documentation, including vital signs, based on the task-based care plan"


    The office will know if I follow the directions the GPS told me to go to reduce mileage it will be recorded (therefore having to explain, detours, accidents, ect). They will be able to see where I am and give me another visit by PDA alert instead of calling. My mileage will be tracked automatically, but unfortunately if the gps doesn't recognize the address and I used a map, then the mileage won't be accurate-so I've heard.

    There may not be time in the office for managers to sit and watch the tracking, but they don't have to, because the tracking, mileage, idle times, time in the home and the documentation that was done in the home is recorded in the smartphone system w/ locations and times done, then transmitted via satellite to the office in "real time". This is a "smartphone", not a regular GPS device. They'll probably be able to make graphs w/ the information and have something else to complain about.

    I am paid hourly, so they are not satisfied with the fact that you did your job and did it well, as fast as you could, accurately and had your charting turned in on time. There is ALWAYS something they are complaining about that could have been done better. For example: Now they're saying our "outcomes" need to be better and that our admissions must not be being done correctly and we are going to have the Quality assurance "LPN" go w/ us to make sure we are documenting correctly. I had a FIT!!! I was insulted. Also, LPN's can't even do admissions or oasis in home care, yet she's going to critique my work....

    Rubyrn said:

    ****Will this PDA/Smartphone setup be secure enough for your ageny's data?****

    I have know idea, they are keeping a lot of things under wraps and not answering questions that will **** everyone off. So, I went on their site myself to find out all the lovely details. I have yet to bring up my concerns to management, because I'm told it's already a done deal. So, either I will hang in there for awhile and see how it goes or find another job. We are suppose to be getting trained in January with McKesson software and the smartphone.
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    We use use PDA's because, I'm told, that HCHB was designed for use with them and other window's based products. I'm told we will be getting net books with 10" screens in the spring. I can't wait!
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    charting on a PDA will be brutal and takes a toll over time.
    they can and will track you using the GPS feature...if not at first they will eventually.
    good luck...

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