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What are other Home Health RNs getting paid "per visit" in Louisiana or surrounding areas? Admits/Recerts/Regular Visits/Mileage....etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:up:... Read More

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    Wow. California pays really well in comparison. My hats are off to you guys. Seriously.

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    Chicago 65 soc 55 snv
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    Live in San Diego.

    SOC $100
    RV $65
    .40 cents a mile
    Lots of drive time. It often takes me 30-45 minutes of driving between patients. This drains my average pay. I average about 30 an hour. Not good for SoCal.
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    Metairie Louisiana

    SOC $56/$66 weekend
    ROC/Recert $54/64 weekend
    Reg SNV $36/$46 weekend
    IV therapy $42/$52 weekend
    D/C $39
    $18/hr meetings/in service
    On call weekend Friday 5p- Monday 8a $150
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    Wow. And I thought I was going to make more money when I relocated! I make more money than any of you posting here, and I live in a tiny spot in southern IL!

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