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  1. Any one can provide me copy of agency policy stating if " an RN quite job without finish documentation, agency can send another RN to do visits and finish the OASIS?
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  3. by   oceanblue52
    Dont know quite what you are asking here. Every agency's policy is different and people on the internet providing a policy would not be applicable to another agency. To my understanding an OASIS needs to be completed with in a certain time frame...why would you not be able to finish?
  4. by   caliotter3
    Any agency's policy is going to address completing the OASIS on time, not the circumstances surrounding the reason(s) why it was started, then not completed, by the same person, or several people.
  5. by   Libby1987
    Assessment data can be collected over a period of the first 5 days of SOC or 2 days for ROC per CMS, individual agencies may shorten that time frame, most likely for billing reasons for Medicare patients so that the initial partial payment can be received as soon as possible.

    M0090 page 14 and 137: https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Quality...al-6-29-16.pdf

    Begin page 60 https://www.cms.gov/medicare/quality...cument0909.pdf

    Page 62 Q19.1 Assessment data can be collected in collaboration with other disciplines' assessments performed in the 1st 5 days of SOC.

    If insufficient data was collected in the first visit then data collected on a subsequent visit within 1st 5 days can be used to complete the SOC oasis. A good example would be nutritional and functional information not collected first day due to the time required to perform CVR and wound assessments, complete PICC care and infusion teaching and the patient becomes too exhausted at that point to complete the comprehensive assessment that can wait until a subsequent visit (as well as obtaining functional assessment data in collaboration with the therapy evals).

    In the case of the RN that made the SOC visit not being available to complete the paperwork, I would make a visit to collect remaining data and co sign the oasis, in addition to completing a routine visit note. Like Calliotter stated above, an agency isn't likely to have a specific policy to cover that uncommon instance.
  6. by   OKNurse101
    I am the owner of this company. I had one DON / Clinical director ( both RNs) plus field nurses. I felt something fishy, so hired a consultant to do an audit. Consultant find that they are not finishing OASIS in 5 day window/ not exporting/ not billing. When i called for a meeting both DON and Clinical director quit. But i end up with close to 100+ oasis with out finished. So is it okay i send an RN to do gather information and finish those OASIS. or I need discharge and do it as NEW SOC? I don't know why these licensed nurses do all these fishy things. They both are working in another agency now.
  7. by   Libby1987
    What do you mean by not finished? Incomplete documentation with missing information?

    How many days out are they? Do you have other disciplines who visited in the 5 day window who can contribute?

    Did your consultant make a recommendation?
  8. by   Libby1987
    I have to ask, with 100 unfinished oasis', were you or your managers running the wheels off of your nurses?

    Are they experienced in HH assessments and logistically capable of managing their workloads? Or new and given more responsibility than they're prepared for?

    Too much too soon? Because that's the sort of situation that you will end up with 100 incomplete admissions.
  9. by   OKNurse101
    They both are 5+ years of experience in home health. These Oasis are even recerts but none finished. It happened because of "cat fight " between both of them. Power issues/control issues.
    Consultant recommended, they did it 1/2 way , all the Mcodes are done so get experience QA nurse to complete it. But "Need an agency policy to support that these can be finished by another nurse".
  10. by   caliotter3
    However you get the OASIS done, should you choose to deal with the mess these people left for you, you probably should give heavy consideration to reporting both to the Board of Nursing for unprofessional conduct. Goodness knows, it looks as if they are guilty of such. Keep a list of pertinent data to provide to the Board to substantiate your complaint.

    Simply write a concise policy something to the effect that said activity need be completed by "an RN" and/or "any agency RN" should the data collection be incomplete for any reason. Perhaps someone else can provide some appropriate wording. It does not have to be a book, but make certain the effective date of the policy precedes the departure of the two culprits.
  11. by   Libby1987
    The thing is, this is more than an issue with two RN managers. You're so far behind, with 100 outstanding OASIS, that you must have an entire system wide problem for that to not have set off alarms far before 100. Your data entry/billing dept didn't track and alert such a large number of late OASIS? What about your 485s? They're supposed to be back signed by the MD within 30 days.

    How often does your PAC meet? Perhaps you can increase the frequency of those meetings to address what are potentially layers of issues. And get the consultant back to do a thorough audit before you have the state show up for a survey.