Home Health LVN advice needed..ASAP

  1. I am a new employee LVN for a home health agency. I recently started working for this agency in September. I was trained by shadowing another LVN staff member. I started seeing patients early/mid October.

    I have yet to be paid for hardly any of my visits dating back since I started seeing patients.

    Also, I am hardly being scheduled to see any patients maybe 2-3 one hour visits a week. Although my pay is in the 30$/hr this is a very low amount of hours

    First question is: What are the minimum amount of hours they are allowed to be scheduling me??

    Second question: If I have not received any payment for the patient visits in October and after what is the time frame I have to wait to report this issue??

    Note: I have had texted conversations and phone calls with both one of the bosses and a payroll/ supervisor. They continue to tell me "next payroll you will get paid".

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    I don't know about you, but I don't work for free. I would nicely say that I needed my paycheck because I work to get one. If it continues, I would resign. Then I would call the Labor Board in your state. How you handle it hinges on if you want to stay. I'm hoping you have back up paperwork, or a datebook showing the hours you have worked. It is illegal for them as a business to not pay their employees.