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Home Health Happy Hour

  1. 0 Hello to all,

    I live in North Dallas. I was wondering how many home health nurses/professionals would go to a happy hour that offered a healthcare professional to be able to ask questions to for example a wound care nurse, cardiologist, etc. I know I feel like I'm on the front lines sometimes with out the right equipment/knowledge. Also, I would like to just meet other nurses in the same field to just network and share ideas. I was wondering if I could get some feedback from fellow nurses!
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    I'm in Illinois. But, I think that sounds like a good idea!
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    Sounds good to me too. Sometimes have it at lunch time. Or even a breakfast meeting.
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    I would totally be up for it, but have noticed that (at least in my area) no one really wants to network. It's such a dog-eat-dog marketplace that no one wants to share information. I've never seen a business so bass-ackwards as our healthcare system.
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    Thanks! I appreciate your thoughts!
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    I don't drink, but I think it's a great idea!
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    Quote from cathrn64
    I'm in Illinois. But, I think that sounds like a good idea!
    I am an Illinoisan as well - maybe we should have our own happy hour, I'm certainly ready for one right now! TGIF!
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