Home Health Drama

  1. I started a home health position a few months ago. I liked it at first, but have discovered the women I work for are nuts. They lie constantly. There are many unhappy employees. At first, I kept an open mind, but now realize they are lieing to me, A LOT. I'm fed up. From what I hear, they don't have a very good reputation. I wish I was told this before. Is it tough to find a good home health agency to work for?
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  3. by   annaedRN
    I'm sorry that your experience with HH has so far been unhappy. As far as finding a "good" HH agency, I think that it is the same with any job. You will always have those who gossip, those who lie, those who whine and complain, those who backstab most places you work. I guess that some places tolerate that behavior more than others. Maybe there is atleast one person in management that you could diplomatically present some of your problems to...and if no answers or solutions than maybe it is time to check out some other agencies in your area. With my agency - while there is no extreme problem like you have described -there is still some of that typical office feel...but I have the fortunate position to be able to sign my charting, pick up supplies, restock my bag and LEAVE to do my job! I think that is overall why we all get along so well. I hope that things work out for you - HH is a great place to be, especially with the right agency. If you do look around, don't be afraid to ask for a ride along and get the "inside scoop" from nurses who work there, not just HR people
  4. by   cny4rn
    I also worked for an agency that had those that liked to put others down and start rumors. I suppose with any office type atmosphere there will be some of that but this place has one girl in particular that is full of bitterness. She went to the supervisor with some information on me that was untrue. The supervisor believed her and called me in to put me on probation. I defended myself,but it was my word against the other girl.I had been planning to put in my two week notice the end of that week anyway. I had a 6 month bonus that was due the day they called me in to put me on probation and said my bonus was null and void because my work was unsatisfactory, which it wasn't......I had problems getting my paperwork in on time but I am a good nurse and honest. This supervisor hasn't been there but about a month and a half and has the big bad boss syndrome. Comes in and starts throwing her weight around without earning respect first.This girl that is the instigator of the rumors is 21 and is the receptionist/file clerk. She is trying to get in good with the new supervisor.
    Very immature and almost mean. She was just on probation herself a month before she made up the story on me. Why they keep her is beyond me.
  5. by   caliotter3
    I have found that, like with other jobs, sometimes you have to make a genuine effort to avoid the negative when dealing with coworkers and managers. If you have found this to be the case at your present agency, you might consider following dhyser's advice: sign your documentation, pick up supplies, and leave the office. I like this method: mail in my documentation, speak minimally to people by phone, do my own shifts and paperwork with minimal contact with other employees, and spend my paycheck. It has been a very, very long time since I worked for an agency where the office personal acted like they gave a rat's patootie about anyone or anything. Now, I stay away as much as possible. I don't go out of my way to do extra things or act like I'm someone with initiative. It just gets one in trouble. Try to stick it out with your present agency unless it gets unbearable and there are employment alternatives. Chances are high that in several months there will be a change of atmosphere and things will be better if you just stick it out. Like one of my former DOCSs told me: No matter where you go in home health, you will see the same faces. She wasn't joking when she told me that, but warning me not to be a troublemaker. Just do your job and stay out of everyone's way. Good luck.