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  1. 0 I am looking for the procedure for bag technique in home health care. Does anyone have one they are willing to share?
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    Can't help you as I don't do HH. But there IS a HH forum you can check out and ask there!

    good luck and welcome.
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    Quote from JAPERRON
    I am looking for the procedure for bag technique in home health care. Does anyone have one they are willing to share?

    "procedure for bag technique"....not sure exactly what you are asking...can you elaborate a little more?

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    limerick: bag technique
    oedilf - word search

    my nurse's bag hangs from a door.
    zippered pockets hold gloves, swabs, and more.
    before inward i peek,
    i employ bag technique,
    wash my hands, and each tool it will store.
    to prevent disease transmission, everything in a nurse's bag must stay clean. it may not rest on an unclean area (such as a floor) and may not be entered with unwashed hands. tools used must be cleaned before they are returned to the bag.

    [color=#336666]the home care bag

    infection control in home care
    cdc - infection control in home care
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    We place a disposable barrier under the bag before we set it on a hard surface. we carry those in an outside pocket of the bag where they are easily reached. we carry the disposable hand wipes in the outside pocket also. always clean hands into the bag and clean the equipment before it goes back. We got very carried away at one point trying to make this process work. It was too difficult for anyone to remember and looked silly to the patient so we pared it down to the barrier and clean hands and clean equipment
    Good Luck!
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    Clean stuff on the outside... Clean to sterile stuff on the inside.
    Never on the floor. A clean drape if there isn't a clean area to set it on. Should be set preferrably on a chair. Once a week, take out everything, restock. Clean the bag with germacidal wipe, then wipe down equipt. IF your equipt ever gets soiled at a visit, germacidal wipe ASAP. Never reach into your bag without washing your hands first. THose are the highlights of our policy
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    Our nurses must have bags that are washable or of a material that can be washed down. They must have a barrier between the bag and what object the bag is being placed on. This barrier can be something as simple as paper towel. The nurse must wash their hands prior to taking anything from their bag....and prior to putting anything back into the bag. Any equipment is to be wiped down with alcohol or disinfectant swab....or may be sprayed with a disinfectant such as Lysol. (Our State Surveyor was impressed when she saw this procedure being done!)
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    Thanks everyone! I am new to this site and was looking for this information as well. Everything I read was very helpful since I am entering home care for the first time in my career.

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