Do you think of Medicare for PREVENTIVE care?

  1. medicare preventive services: adult immunization

    medicare part b covered preventive services

    [font=times new roman ps,times new roman ps]bone mass measurements

    colorectal cancer screening

    diabetes services

    glaucoma testing

    screening mammograms

    pap test and pelvic examination
    [font=times new roman ps,times new roman ps](includes a clinical breast exam)

    [font=times new roman ps,times new roman ps]prostate cancer screening

    shots (vaccinations)

    [font=times new roman ps,times new roman ps]info on pg 33 of booklet medicare + you 2004

    [color=#660000]does medicare cover glaucoma screening?

    diabetes brochure

    requirements for payment of medicare claims for foot and nail care services (pdf format 120kb)

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  3. by   renerian
    Thanks. I did teach my clients about this type of care and many had no clue.