1. Hi,

    This is my first time submitting anything on this forum usually I just read but hopefully my question can be answered. So this week, I just got offered a position at a hospital doing home health full time at an hourly rate or salary rate (not per visit) the person that imterviewed me said I have to see 5 to 6 patients a day Monday to Friday. I have only been paid per visit while doing home health before.

    So my question is with a full time hourly position do I have to come in like 8 to 5 and the case manager (I'm an lpn) tells me what time I should be at someone's home? or am i just suppose to see 6 patients a day however I choose to schedule that?

    Please help!!😯😯😯😯
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Normally you make your own schedule with the patients within reason. Ask.
  4. by   JoanaJ24
    Sorry I forgot to mention so this is a job through an agency that set me up with the hospital. So I did ask the agency but they did not know the answer.
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  5. by   caliotter3
    Who will you be working through at the hospital? They will be your first line supervisors right? The agency just "introduced" you? Whoever you are going to work for directly is the person(s) who will give you the details. If the employer allows you to set your own schedule, be firm with the patients. You will find those that set an appointment for such and such time, then they call and cancel, or don't answer the door. When you get in touch with them, they want you to come back three hours later. No, no, and no. You make your schedule (usually) the day before and confirm with the patients. Give them a two hour window. Stick to that. You can not rearrange your entire day (and inconvenience your other patients) over somebody who just wanted to putz around the house for another two hours in the morning. And if you want to start your day at 7:30 am, then somebody has to agree to be seen at that time, otherwise you might find yourself out and about at 9 pm at night, and that's not good.

    Some hh employers make you start your day from their office, others do not. That might go along with how much leeway they give you on setting your own schedule. As long as you meet productivity goals, they should not care how you see you patients, just as long as they are seen and you turn in your documentation on time.
  6. by   artsmom
    Our LPN's set their own schedule, it would be really hard in home health for another nurse to dictate the time of your visit unless it's for a med admin or something that would be timed for anyone. My assumption is that you'll contact your own patients and work out a time that accommodates you both. Good luck.