Can Charting Software Spy on nurse

  1. Most Laptops/devices have the ability to record surroundings, but I've noticed that some of the programs really stress the fact that the programs can be used to access "real time" clinical data.

    The laptop from the home health I used to work automatically loaded the webcam and microphone programs when it was powered up. When I right clicked on the bottom where the volume and recording device is, the indicator bars moved up and down when I spoke. So a remote user could feasibly turn these devices on.


    " offers instant and convenient access to real-time information regarding all aspects of home health"

    Webcam Increases Communication Ability - Just because you're far apart doesn't mean you can't be in the same room. Enter the world of online communication and take advantage of the built-in high resolution 1.3 megapixel video camera to participate in a video conference. The webcam also swivels independent of the screen, so if you are in front of the computer or across the room, you are ready to communicate.

    Expansion Ports
    2 Audio Jacks: Microphone-in, Speaker Out
    2 USB Ports
    VGA Out
    1 RJ45 Ethernet
    3-in-1 SMR Card Reader

    Operating System
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

    Built-in stereo audio
    2 Channel, 1 Watt Stereo Speakers
    Omni-directional microphone

    6 Cell Lithium-Ion Battery Available
    10 Hr (6 Cell) Life (Typ Usage)s
    Auto Sensing Universal AC Adapter/Charger

    1.3 Mega Pixel Swivel Webcam
    Kensington Lock Ready
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  3. by   KelRN215
    I've never worried about this... I've had two computers from my agency in my time there and they're both so old and running such outdates programs (both had Windows XP... the first one I had was identical to the computer I had in college in 2002) that I doubt they even have that capability.
  4. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    Short answer: Yes.

    If it has a webcam, the camera can be remotely or automatically controlled by the admin who set up the machine. The same holds true for the microphone.
  5. by   tewdles
    And many of the work laptops/tablets have GPS. There are some programs to allow admin to review the GPS data for the unit...helpful for agencies that suspect that a staff person may not be completing all visits as documented.

    I know that during one of my HH management jobs I could pull up the persons digital device, look at the GPS and know exactly where they were at that moment.
  6. by   LaRN
    They are taking away the only incentive that there is left to home health.........autonomy. Now the case managers don't have to sit around gossiping about where their nurse is or what she's up to..........they can spend that time tracking her down digitally
  7. by   tewdles
    case managers sit around? don't they visit and assess patients?
  8. by   LaRN
    The home health that I work for has visit staff and case managers. The case managers work primarily in the office with the visit staff reporting directly to their patient's case managers.