Anyone heard of nightingale or aspire home healthcare

  1. 0 Has anyone ever heard or worked for either of these two sister companies.. Nightingale Home healthcare or Aspire? Interviewing today. Wish me luck. Would like to have some input tho, incase I get the job. Thanks.:heartbeat
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    Nightingale is a name that is often used for local agencies.
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    This one is nationwide and is a top 500 HH company. I'm doing an interview in a completely different city (via teleconference) on the east coast for a position in California. Their main office is Indiana.
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    OK so I took the job. Worst experience I've ever had in my whole working career. This is of course the opinion of one and not to sway anyone from excepting one of the many jobs they have available because their RN turnover is ridiculous. The average nurse lasts about 5 months. This is the reason in my opinion... No support: Its so hard to get in touch with a supervisor, closest one is in Nevada and shows up about once a month. ON Call: No extra pay and they work you to death. They expect you to drive at all hours of the night to anywhere in San Diego county. If they cant staff a SOC during the day.. guess what it falls on the on call nurse. Try driving up to Julian in the dark/snow to make less than 20$ and hour once you factor in all the drive time. Well if you live in Julian than that would not be the case. LOL. Please ask for yourself when you apply. how long has your most senior nurse worked for the company? As of today, the answer will be about 6 months. So sad for a company that could have so much potential.
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    Yeah..used to work for them...horrible...wish i could have seen your post earlier and gave you a heads up!

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