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    Hi guys! I have yet another question with recerts ..... so I called the doctors office to let them know that I was keeping their pt on services and explained why. The assistant/secretary or whatever said " what do you want me to do?" -very rude. How does this work normally? I called the office, told them we would be keeping their pt, gave them a brief update..should I have done something differently?

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    I only called the doc's office if I was discharging and needed an order. Recerts were just faxed for signatures, unless I was late and needed a verbal order to continue services.
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    my company we recertify for whatever exacerbations, and fax to pcp for signature. We notify PCP of D/C per phone and order to Discharge from Agency
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    Technically, you should be asking for a verbal order to continue to see the patient/recert. Many agencies just recert and send the paperwork, but the correct, by-the-book way to do it is that any change in visit frequency needs to be made based on an order from the physician. That includes recerts, unless you have standing orders included in your 485 that allows you to recert automatically--which may not pass muster with your state agency, accrediting body, or other surveyor.
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    It sounds like the girl at the MDs office was very rude. You were calling with a patient update and she should have taken a message for the MD to call you back.

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