Should I try and become a Nurse in a Naturopathic Clinic or a Naturopathic Doctor? - page 5

by NenaRK

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I am a 21 year old female and have been taking my prerequisites for Nursing. I felt very passionate about my choice, I do really enjoy caring for people and helping people. However, as I got further into my studies, talked to... Read More

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    Quote from cecej435
    You need to go back and study the true history behind conventional medicine. When was it started? Why was it started? Let me simplify it for you, conventional medicine was started simply for monetary purposes. It was more profitable to keep people sick enough to just receive treatment rather than cure their disease completely. The government/medical industry has suppressed over 6000 invented cures that could have saved humanity from every disease out there including cancer. Do you really think they want to find a cure? You are so gullible.
    Good lord, I meant to hit "quote" and hit "like" instead.

    Do you have some sort of evidence of this? It's very conspiracy theory/Natural News sounding to me.
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    I see the point about the govt and medical industry suppressing a cancer cure. There's probably more money to be made in a whole treatment regime than in a single cure. But I simply canNOT believe that that knowledge wouldn't leak to the public. A cure for male pattern baldness, maybe. But cancer? No, someone would blab.
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