Schooling for Holistic Nurse Practitioners

  1. Hi everyone! I have not yet applied to any colleges, and am very confused as to the schooling path for holistic nursing. I have heard of getting traditional NP training and then branching into holistic courses, but I have also heard of holistic nursing-specific baccalaureate degrees. Does anyone know of schools that offer degrees specific to holistic nursing? Otherwise, what is the process for getting certified as a holistic NP, starting with graduating high school? Any input or direction to good sources would be much appreciated.

    Thanks all!!
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  3. by   Surg-OncRN
    I would be interested to hear what people have to say on this also. I am an ADN and am starting to do my research as well.
  4. by   Gentleman_nurse
    For NP. I found a few NYU, Tennessee State, College of New Rochelle. NY college Health Professions offers a non-credit certificate in Holistic Nursing but if you enter the Graduate program in Oriental Medicine they will waive some classes.
  5. by   mcnacht
    Is holistic nursing a formal specialty? I feel like the term is more of a buzzword right now. Really, ALL nurses should be using holistic approaches to patient care.

    There is quite a trend in my area of naturopathic doctors who become nurse practitioners (mostly to have access to patient populations/reimbursement that they would not have as ND's). Beyond that, I feel like you should stick to your basis as a really good nurse, and choose a job working in a place where complementary and alternative medicine is accepted and embraced. You could look into additional accreditation as an accupuncturist, but that's a whole separate thing from nursing.

    Good luck!
  6. by   whealer
    So true about holistic nursing being a buzzword! It very much is a way of caring for a patient more so than a specialty. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine has a BSN program for holistic nursing. I went to College of New Rochelle ages ago for my BA in COmmunications. I noticed that as someone mentioned here they has a post masters certificate For holistic nursing. I loved the school! Most of my volunteer work was done the ursaline nuns who still live on campus. Im not too sure aboiut NP programs. There's an association of holistic nursing and perhaps they offer continuing education.

    I'm interested in holistic nursing also! Good luck in your search!
  7. by   runlikeagirl
    Does anyone know where you could learn about acupuncture, refloxology, etc..? I'm starting a FNP program and would love to be able to offer that in a clinic at some point. I have no idea if that's even something you need a license for or not.
  8. by   Hex
    Reflexology offered by an actual FNP? Omg.
  9. by   lauraeg
    I have the same question, please update if you find any information!
  10. by   Tinabeanrn
    Try A4M. Im in "Holistic " Nursing as a FNP in Michigan at a Functional Medicine Family practice. We call it anti ageing.

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