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Hi, Does anyone have any experience with a nutrition education program for RN's. The only credible ones that I come across are for NPs or for becoming an RD at the BS/MS level. I am working towards certification for Integrative... Read More

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    Thank you for responding, vanurse1022! Can you tell me anything about the test itself? How long did it take you to complete? The practice test looks like 100% motivational interviewing. Is the real exam similar? I just haven't talked to anyone who has taken it and I would like to know somewhat what to expect. Yikes---getting nervous!
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    From what I remember, you have a video scenario, then answer questions regarding each video. Honestly, I breezed through it! Maybe took 30 minutes. The questions are very similar to the practice ones, so if you do ok with those, you won't have a problem
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    Awesome! There is so much information that I was wondering how they broke it down. I appreciate the information!
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    An area of interest here too. Just not sure how to incorporate it into my day to day nursing.
    Would welcome any thoughts, resources, etc.
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    This was so helpful...I have been looking for options myself. I plan to obtain wound care certification as well as nutrition. Tying both in together will be very beneficial.