Nutrition certification/education for nurses - page 2

Hi, Does anyone have any experience with a nutrition education program for RN's. The only credible ones that I come across are for NPs or for becoming an RD at the BS/MS level. I am working towards... Read More

  1. by   MyCall2Nsg
    An area of interest here too. Just not sure how to incorporate it into my day to day nursing.
    Would welcome any thoughts, resources, etc.
  2. by   victoria.
    This was so helpful...I have been looking for options myself. I plan to obtain wound care certification as well as nutrition. Tying both in together will be very beneficial.
  3. by   nursered2011
    I know this post is older...but I was wondering if you all can update me with what you decided to pursue. I am at a crossroad, I am a nurse and want to teach nutrition, supplements, holistic wellness, etc. thanks in advance.
  4. by   pa_rn2012
    I am very interested in obtaining certification in nutrition as a rn. However, I only have my diploma in nursing. Is there a program for someone without a bachelor's? I'm sorry if it was already answered. I looked on the clinical nutrition certification board website but was confused as to what courses I'd need. I'm not sure there's much of a demand where I live either so I wonder if I should even pursue this. Im near reading pa. Also how hard would it be to transition to a registered dietician from registered nurse. Maybe that would open up more doors for me. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  5. by   Providence60
    I've been reading this thread and one of the things which struck me was the confusion about how to advance one's knowledge as well as credentials. So many programs these days are happy to take your money, but what do you really get once you've paid thousands and complete their program? The only nationally accredited program I've come across which seems to offer real credentials to nurses is the NIWH (Whole Health Training and Education - Accredited Holistic Health Programs). They are credentialed by the Institute of Credentialing Excellence and give ANCC nurse CE contact hours as well. The program earns you an NPI number with a billing manual, and provides training for working with doctors or on your own. It has a long list of credentials and recognitions on it's website and they offer a program exclusively for nurses. I know people who have gone through programs which do not offer real credentials and once they are finished with the program, find it hard to set up a practice without real credentials. I think before investing in a program costing thousands, it's wise to check out ALL the options you can. And then weigh the program costs and how their program will help (or not) with being able to offer and get paid for what the program teaches you. Good luck and buyer beware!