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Nurse Practitioner and Holistic Nurse in CAM?

  1. 0 Hello! I know there are many topics made about how to become a CAM Holistic Nurse... and I have gone through those threads, but I haven't found my answer.

    I've also visited the AHNA website but it doesn't specifically answer my question either.

    Well, my questions are:

    I want to become a Holistic Nurse in Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Massage, and Nutritional Counselling. On top of that, I also want to pursue a career in Nurse Practitioner in conjunction as a Holistic Nurse.

    1. If I were to become a Holistic Nurse, do I need to be separately certified for all four sections? Like a certificate for Acupuncture, then Herbal Medicine, then Massage, then Nutritional Counselling? What are the steps for that? Is there a way to get all that at one go?

    2. I also want to get my MSN and become a Nurse Practitioner, but I also want to practice holistic modalities at the same time. Is there a way to get a one go, a Holistic Nurse Practitioner but also have all the abilities as a regular Nurse Practitioner?

    3. Or should I just stay a BSN-RN then Nurse Practitioner? I really want to practice CAM and not just Western medicine...
    Currently, I am in a Nursing Program and I have one more term until I get my Associates Degree. I have all my pre-req's done and I am going for my BSN-RN.

    I recently discovered this potential path as a Holistic Nurse in Eastern Medicine and I'm absolutely in love with it. It's what I've always dreamt of since I was young.

    So please, if anyone can tell me the answers to those questions or direct me to someone who can, post here or let me know!

    Thank You
    PS- I have already emailed ANHA about my inquiries, I don't know if they will answer though.
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    If I were you, I would look into some CAM schools that offer the modalities that you want to specialize in, such as Bastyr or National College of Natural Medicine. I believe that you need to be licensed in acupuncture in order to practice-- it's similar to practicing as a Naturopath, that is, you need to be licensed for it to be legal.
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    I believe here where I am located that you would need a separate license for acupuncture and a separate license for massage (your nursing license would not cover those two professions). Also, Illinois just passed a law that limits the people that can give out nutritional advice. For the most part you can only give out nutritional advice if you are a RD, however there is a loophole allowing acupuncturists and those that have a masters in nutrition to dispense nutritional advice as well.

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