Massage courses for nurses

  1. Hi all:

    I am starting my ABSN program in January and hope to be an RN by end of next year. I always wanted to learn massage and would love to add it to my skillset as a nurse.

    Are there any massage courses for RNs? Given the skill set and academics that nurses already have I would think there should be some kind of "bridge" programs other than a full scale massage training.

    Has anybody looked into that?
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  3. by   massage heart
    Yes there are plenty of massage courses that crossover to nursing, there is manual lymphatic drainage courses, there are massage courses for after surgery. There is visceral manipulation courses, I am a licensed massage therapist esthetician in the process of getting my nursing assistant certification. I'd say massage school is worth it to go
  4. by   INN_777
    Thanks, massage heart! I am sure it is worth it. If I had all the time and money, I would go to massage school and nutrition school and so on and so on - my curiosity in healing is endless. Was just curious if there was a "shortcut" into massage for nurses. Shortcut in a good way
  5. by   WanderingSagehen
    I try to incorporate a little massage into my nursing but time is limited. The knowledge of massage helps me better connect with my patients on a physical level. I am a new RN 1.5yr and a massage therapist for 14yrs.
  6. by   sethmctenn
    In many states nurses are exempted from the massage practice act and can practice without a massage license. Some schools will give you credit for the A/P portion which accounts for 1/2 of most massage programs.

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