lvns and hollistic nursing

  1. I am an lvn interested in hollistic nursing, but I have no idea how to get started and what is needed. what type of place would you work as a hollistic nurse? What are the requierements?? etc I would appreciate any info anybody can give me.
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  3. by   classicmusic09
    I am also an LPN, and interested in Holistic Nursing. I had thought about a Wellness Clinic. Have you considered that as an option?
  4. by   newlvngrad
    Actually I have. I have a list of clinics. I just need to call them and see if they hire LVNs. I will kep you posted. Have you found any clinics?? Or other places where they hire LVNs? Do you know if you ned some kind of certificate or something, or is having you license enough?
  5. by   classicmusic09
    Hello! I know that we can take vital signs, weights etc. There are certifications, for other skills, but to get started, I know our license is enough, for routine things. I am interested in learning more about nutrition, aromatherapy, etc. We have ads in the paper here, for wellness clinics, from time to time, but not often. I have applied before. As a new graduate you should definitely, call and also send resumes, to all the clinics you are interested in! Most of them will I least call, or send an acknowledgement note. You will be more successful, if you follow up. I should do likewise. Looking forward to hearing back from you!
  6. by   newlvngrad
    Did you have any luck with the clinics you applied for?? Is that really al we can do?? Do you know what the pay is like?? I am mostly interested in nutrition. I havent called any of the clinics but I have a whole list that I found in the L. A area that I need to call. I will be calling the clinics on monday. I will let you know how it goes. Keep me posted also! Thanks for your reply
  7. by   classicmusic09
    Dear Newlvngrad, I worked for a weight loss clinic for a short while, the hours were short, and changed around, from schedule to schedule. I did appreciate the experience! We took health histories, and did EKG's, along with Vital Signs, weights, and some consults. We had a Physician, and an RN consultant. This was several years ago. There are Physicians, who are willing to train you, to assist them, with many different procedures! I worked also for a while in an HMO. I loved it there! They sent me to be trained to start IV's! I had experience hanging and monitoring IV's prior to that. We were not allowed to hang blood, but there are some things, that I believe it is best that an RN or Physician do! There were opportunities, to rotate into different clinics, like OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Adult Medicine etc. I know I'm kind of getting off the subject, but there are some wonderful opportunities, for LPN/LVN's. I just happen to think that Holistic Nursing, is the way to go. Try also an internet search for Holistic Clinics, in your area. Talk again soon!

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